Please note:

We start classes on February 20th, 2023 (Monday) at our sports facilities.

Your presence is important from the beginning of the semester.

Here you can find teachers' mail addresses and duty hours


Physical education timetable

2023 Lato PLAN ZAJĘĆ (.xlsx, 23,80 kB)


All PE classes are conducted in Polish.

Green color (intensive) – sports sections at AZS PW club for training students

Red color - the teacher also speaks English

Blue color - the teacher also speaks Russian

Names of sports classes in the schedule:

P. SIATKOWA – general sport activities focus on volleyball

P. KOSZYKOWA – general sport activities focus on basketball

P. NOŻNA - general sport activities focus on football

KULTURYSTYKA - general sport activities focus on bodybuilding

SPORTY WALKI - general sport activities focus on martial arts

SAMOOBRONA/JUDO - general sport activities focus on self-defense/judo

WSPINACZKA HAL. – indor climbing (paid extra)

TENIS ZIEMNY – tenis (paid extra)

PŁYWANIE - swimming

TANIEC - rock and roll dance or swing dance

OGÓLNOSPORTOWA – which means that these classes are general sports exercises

Some general sport activities focus on specific disciplines like:

Tai-chi / basketball / volleyball / bodybuilding / football / martial arts / kickboxing / self-defense


If you want to sign up for PE classes, rewrite the credit got earlier, change the exercise group, download and fill in the document:

sign up for PE classes

change the exercise group

ZGODA NA ZMIANĘ GRUPY (.docx, 14,35 kB)

credit transfer


Some helpful information in completing PE classes:

  1. The student must register for the PE class as soon as possible. If there is no access to USOS, you should write a mail to the teacher conducting the selected classes and ask for a free place.
  2. Students can get PE credit in section trainings (if they play any sport).
  3. The student cannot complete PE classes by participating in sports classes, apart from those offered by Sport Department in WUT.
  4. The student may miss max 1 PE class per semester without the obligation to make up absence.
  5. The student is obliged to make up for unexcused absences (maximum 3) and short-term sick leaves in consultation with a teacher, but not later than the 12th week of semester.
  6. Medical leave does not give a credit for physical education. A student with a sick leave is required to complete the semester of physical education before graduation.
  7. Students who has medical leave do not register in USOS system but have to send e-mail to sport office
  8. Students applying for a credit transfer must register for PE class in semester 2023summer and send the credit transfer document to sport office no later than 30 days from the beginning of semester
  9. In the case of resignation from PE classes in semester 2023summer, the student is obliged to unregister from PE class within 30 days from the beginning of semester

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact dr Katarzyna Dzioban